IUCN red list status:
Critically Endangered

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Laysan Teal

About the Laysan Teal

Laysan teal are endemic to Laysan Island, which lies just off the Hawaiian Islands. For water they rely on some small fresh water ponds, that can dry out during hot summers. The plumage is similar in both sexes, but the bill of the male is dull green with a dusky nail, while that of the female is brownish-yellow with dull orange around the edges.

They are found in small groups or pairs. The pair-bond is semi-permanent, with many ducks taking the same partner in successive years. Nests are hidden near the lagoon. The birds feed while walking and forage in all habitats on the island, though they will dabble when given the opportunity.

Did you know?

In 1912 the population consisted of only 7 adults and 5 juveniles on Laysan Island almost making them extinct! However, due to great conservational efforts, approximately 650 individuals can be found today.