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Hawaiian Goose

About the Hawaiian Goose

The Hawaiian goose is the rarest goose in the world. Its wings are not strong because it does not migrate, in fact it does not fly outside Hawaii. As it hardly ever swims, its feet are just partially webbed. Instead, its toes and legs are longer than those of other species, which enables it to climb over the rocky terrain of Hawaii and to walk without waddling, as geese typically do. 

The Hawaiian goose today is most found in and around the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and on Maui in Haleakala National Park. These geese are grazers, which are associated with lava fields vegetated with a dry grass. Most of their dietary water intake need is probably met via the consumption of berries.

Did you know?

Hawaiian Geese are the official State Bird of Hawaii. Their native Hawaiian name Nēnē originates from their distinctive and soft “nay-nay “call, can you hear it?