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Grey Breasted Parakeet

About the Grey Breasted Parakeet

Grey-breasted Parakeets occur in humid mountain forests in northeast Brazil. These wet “sky islands” are restricted to upland granite or sandstone areas, which receive up to four times the annual rainfall of lower altitudes. Both males and females are mostly green, with a dark brown forecrown to nape and spotted or streaked with white/brown, which varies from bird to bird. 

Like many other parrots, Grey-breasted Parakeets feed on fruit and seeds in the tree canopy. This parakeet is a social species that lives in family groups of 4 to 15 individuals. It breeds once a year, from February until June. Their calls made in flight are sharp and rapidly repeated in three or four note series, to communicate with other birds.

Did you know?

Grey-breasted Parakeets are considered one of Brazil’s most threatened bird species! Heavy illegal trapping of the birds, along with habitat destruction; reducing their original forest cover now to just 13%, has left the species at serious risk of extinction.