IUCN red list status:
Near Threatened

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Malaysian Black Hornbill

About the Malaysian Black Hornbill

Malaysian Black Hornbill are a sooty black bird with a large, heavy bill that is bone-white in males, dark in females. Some males have a bright white eyebrow, while others have an entirely black head. Females have reddish skin around the eye and a weaker, paler eyebrow stripe. They inhabit lowland mature forests. These birds travel singly, in pairs, or in small flocks, typically at lower levels in the forest than the large hornbills. 

Hornbills can have a partnership with monkeys, as they eat the insects that annoy monkeys and can also learn to recognise the warning calls monkeys give out when they see humans. Male hornbills bring food to the female over the period of a month to prove themselves worthy mates.

Did you know?

Hornbills are impressive looking birds and are recognisable for their most distinctive feature; their ‘horned’ bills. These horns, or casques, are actually made of the same material as our hair, keratin.