Tarictic Hornbill

About the Tarictic Hornbill

Tarictic Hornbills are found in rainforests on the islands of Panay, Negros, Masbate, Guimaras, and formerly Ticao, in the Philippines. Some birds may be found in mid- mountain forests of slightly higher elevation but it's main habitat is the forest. The male has a creamy-white head and neck, a white upper chest, a reddish brown lower chest and uppertail-coverts, and a creamy-white buff tail with a broad black tip. 

Tarictic Hornbills live in groups and frequent the canopy of rainforests. These birds are noisy but despite their noise they are difficult to find, being well camouflaged by the dense foliage. Occasionally they go to feed on fruiting trees in clearings close to the forests, and looking for insects, beetles, ants and earthworms to eat.

Did you know?

Also known as the Visayan Hornbill, they possess the characteristic horn, or casque, on top of its bill. This casque is made from the same material as a Rhinoceros horn, keratin.