IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Red-Crested Turaco

About the Red-Crested Turaco

The Red-Crested Turaco is a medium size bird with a green body. On their face the feathers are white and this surrounds a red eye. They have yellowish-green feathers on the breast and neck, on the underside it is colored a greenish-black. Both the male and female look alike. Unlike most birds which are coloured green and red due to the reflection of light they have a pigment in their feathers, which truly make it this colour. 

The Red-Crested Turaco is an omnivore. They feed on a range of insects, fruits, nuts, leaves, flowers, seeds, acacia and figs. They are able to eat berries which are poisonous to humans. They are monogamous and pairs work together to establish and maintain a territory.

Did you know?

Turacos are the only species within the animal kingdom to possess true red pigmentation due to copper containing pigments in their feathers called turacin. If you were to place a feather in a glass of water the liquid would turn pink.