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With over 25 rides and attractions, make sure you make enough time for your little Thomas fan to explore The Island of Sodor at Drayton Manor Park. The park is home to Europe’s only Thomas Land with the biggest Thomas Shop, exclusive VIP Party Rooms and Thomas himself ‘PEEP PEEP-ing’ his way down the tracks - what more could any Thomas loving little engine want?

Thomas Land was introduced to Drayton Manor Park in 2008, giving little fans the chance to meet Thomas the Tank Engine and enjoy Thomas & Friends favourites such as Bertie Bus, Harold’s Helicopter Tour and Cranky’s Tower Drop. The Island of Sodor increased in size by 40% in 2015 when we welcomed Toby’s Tram Express and Captain’s Seas Adventure to name a few. 


In 2017 we woke up our  beloved Thomas & Friends character ’James’  who had been sleeping peacefully next to Knapford Station, and he got his very own James and Red Balloon Ride.

Click here to find out more about James and the Red Balloon. 

What rides do we have on offer?

How many Thomas & Friends themed rides can you name? We have quite a few here including the runaway coaster Troublesome Trucks, for those daring little thrill seekers. We also have Rocking Bulstrode, the beloved Thomas & Friends barge, famous for being able to take on the rocking high seas, or Terence’s Driving School where youngsters can drive their very own tractor, steering Terence around his own driving school. Why not visit our ride page for more information about all of the rides we have on offer at Thomas Land?

So if you’re looking for the best place to meet Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends, look no further than Drayton Manor Park, the home of Thomas Land, and discover why we love Thomas so much. 


Click here to visit the official Thomas & Friends website.