African Pancake Tortoise

Malacochersus tornieri

Did you know?

Their unique soft, flat shell helps them to evade predators by wedging themselves in a crevice.  They’re the only member of the genus Malacochersus and are considerably fast for tortoise species.

Home: Kenya; Tanzania.

Diet: Flowers, fruit, grasses, herbs, leaves, seeds.

Lifestyle: Terrestrial, living in colonies amongst rocky outcrops, so-called kopjes, where they’re strong enough to climb to the summits.

Young: Due to the reduced space in the abdominal cavity, females lay 1 egg at a time, usually laying up to 6 per year.  Incubation period is between 178 to 237 days.

Lifespan: 26 years.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable. The collection for pet trade is a major threat to the species. 

Breeding Programme: This species is a member of EAZA’s European Breeding Programme.

African Pancake Tortoise