IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Western Girdled Lizard

About the Western Girdled Lizard

The Western Girdled Lizard is dark brown with dorsal stripes, along with small cream and black spots. In some cases spotting is so dense that the animal appears black. Head colouration is a light brown, and some lizards may also have a red throat.

+This lizard inhabits the dry forest of western Madagascar, and is also known to be from some areas of humid forest as well. The western girdled lizard is adaptable and this lizard usually basks on rocks during the warmest parts of the day. They have been observed to dive up to 20 cm beneath the surface of pools to evade predators.

Did you know?

They have been noted to dive under water to avoid predators, staying underneath for up to 3 minutes!