Beaded Lizard

Heloderma horridum

Did you know?

Beaded Lizards are one of only a few venomous lizards in the world.  Their venom glands are located on their lower jaw, venom passes through specially grooved teeth to deliver venom when biting and chewing prey or warding off predators.

Home: Guatemala; Mexico.

Diet: Carnivorous; feeding on young birds, chicks and eggs, and small mammals.  When food is scarce, they can live off fat reserves stored in their long tail.

Lifestyle: Terrestrial, residing in semi-arid rocky regions with sparse vegetation, often found on rock ledges.   

Young: Females lay between 2-20 eggs and will bury the nest, incubation period is around 6 months.

Lifespan: 20 years.

Conservation Status: Least Concern. Threatened by deforestation and human persecution.

Breeding Programme: This species is part of EAZA’s European Breeding Programme.


Beaded Lizard