A little Pancake tortoise has hatched at Drayton Manor Zoo as part of the European breeding program for this critically endangered species. Just LOOK at how cute it is!

Pancake tortoises are a small species of tortoise that rarely weigh more than 500g – even as adults. This baby hatched at a tiny 11g! They are native to Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, living amongst piles of rocks that they like to squeeze themselves in to. That’s why the shell is quite flat; unlike other tortoise species. Hence the name pancake!

Zoo’s across Europe are working together to breed this species. This hatchling from Drayton Manor Zoo will go on to produce offspring of its own to aid the future conservation of the species. It’s parents can also be found on display in the Reptile House.

Unfortunately this species in the wild is under increased pressure from habitat loss, low population densities and overexploitation for the live animal trade, which makes the conservation work of zoo’s even more important to ensure the species is present for future generations.

You can visit our Pancake Tortoises in our 15-acre zoo during your visit. Tap here for tickets.