Drayton Manor Zoo is home to three Sulawesi Crested Macaques, part of the European Endangered Species Programme in conjunction with EAZA. This means we’re helping to conserve the population of these critically endangered animals whilst educating our guests in the process.

Mother and daughter, Aisleen and Mayhem arrived at Drayton Manor Zoo in 2017 and have settled in well. Aisleen is a doting mother to Mayhem who, as her name suggests, is a cheeky character that loves to chase insects and climb the frames at full speed.

In February 2019 our Zoo welcomed a male Sulawesi Crested Macaque, Tanisho, from Darmstadt Zoo in Germany. Tanisho was group raised in Germany and has all the social skills to be a good leader. The primate team here at Drayton Manor Zoo say, “he has settled in really well with the two females” and has “asserted his dominance although both females push their luck at times and are generally in awe of him.”

Tanisho was introduced in the hope he breeds with Aisleen in order to help manage the population of this critically endangered species. The team here at Drayton Manor Zoo would like to see another female join the group soon and contribute to the captive breeding programme.

Drayton Manor Zoo is proud to support The Selamatkan Yaki conservation programme and their efforts towards helping this critically endangered Macaque.

Drayton Manor Zoo is also home to three female Rhesus Macaques who have lived at the Zoo for many years.

You can visit our Macaques in our 15-acre zoo during your visit. Don’t forget to attend keeper talks to learn more about the different animals in our zoo and how we’re contributing to the conversation of endangered species.