After a busy season with over one million visitors through our gates, we have certainly seen some weird and wonderful lost property left here over the last six months.

We currently have 439 items of lost property left behind to try and reunite with its owners including a spring onion, Tiffany bracelet, Gucci purse, two odd socks and a Finding Dory flip flop!

Top of the lost list with over 100 items recorded is clothing – most notably sun hats – followed by 64 bank cards, 27 pairs of glasses, 22 items of jewellery, and 20 mobile phones.

Expensive finds include designer jewellery and a Nintendo 3DS.  With the most precious lost property found in Thomas Land™, including six children’s comfort blankets, four much-loved soft toys, three dummies and Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ book.

Rescued from all corners of the 286 acres we have here in the park, conservation zoo, hotel and conference area, all manner of marvellous things have found their way to the busy Guest Services department. This is where we catalogue and safely store away the ever growing pile in the hope that the rightful owners will come and collect their cherished possessions.

Our Managing Director, William Bryan comments: “Every year we have lots of lost property and this year was no different. We aren’t quite sure who bought a spring onion into the park but that has sadly now seen better days!

“For anyone who has lost something on a visit here, we would be happy to reunite you with your items, just call and ask to speak to our Guest Services department as we don’t want anyone walking around with one shoe on!”

For more information please visit or call 0844 472 1950.