Stuck inside on a rainy day? Never fear, a great day out is just around the corner!

The weather may not be perfect, but there are so many things to do on rainy days at Drayton Manor Park that you’ll still have hours of fun. From immersing yourself in a 4D film to exploring a haunted house, you’ll be sure to have a great day out.

To help you get started we’ve put together a list of things to do with kids on a rainy day at the park, whether you’ve got a tiny tot with a love of adventure or an older kid looking for a thrill.

Ready? Grab your umbrella and let’s go!

Explore a giant indoor play area

If the heavens open and you have a little one with plenty of energy to burn, visit Emily’s Play Adventure . Young visitors can say goodbye to the grown-ups, whizz off, and have their own fun – leaving you to relax while they get stuck in with a ball pit, slides, and climbing frames!

Our huge indoor play area is crammed full of things to do, whether it’s clambering, sliding, or swinging around. With so many options, this Thomas and Friends™-themed play area is the perfect place to spend some time when the weather isn’t perfect.

If your younger one is under two years old or under 1.3 metres tall, there’s no need to miss out! There’s a special toddler play area just for them, where they can play the day away. Kids in the toddler play area need adult supervision… but we think you’ll end up having as much fun as them!

Catch a film with a difference

Wondering where to go on a rainy day at Drayton? We’ve got something that every film fan will love! Visit our very own 4D cinema and be amazed by twists, turns and special effects that will have you on the edge of your seat. You’ll be close to the action as the characters of our 4D film leap from the screen, drawing you into an adventure that will delight visitors of all ages.

What’s so incredible about our unusual cinema? As well as seeing in 3D, a huge range of extra-special effects bring a whole extra dimension to the film – that’s why we call it 4D! Leg ticklers, water spray, air blasters, moving seats and loads more bring the cinema to life.

Once you’ve experienced 4D cinema, films will never be the same again.

Give yourself a fright!

The Haunting is possible the scariest place in Drayton Manor Park… and you’re invited to enter! This spook-tastic attraction is more than just a ride. As you explore the abandoned vicarage you’ll be kept on your toes by ghostly apparitions, haunted by terrifying paranormal events, and spooked by rooms that seem to change all around you.

Find out what happened to the last group of paranormal investigators to enter the building, follow in their footsteps, and try to solve the mystery. From your first step into the darkness to the terrifying finale, The Haunting is the perfect place to escape the rain and experience a fright like never before.

Visit the original Thomas and Friends™ set

If fright isn’t your thing, spending time with Thomas and his friends is one of our favourite things to do on a rainy day at the park. Pay a visit to Thomas Land and see the Discover Thomas and Friend™ Exhibition, which includes the original set from the Thomas and Friends™ TV series. You’ll be so entranced by the beautiful scenery and our amazing miniature model railway, you’ll forget all about the weather!

Getting there is half the fun – it’s easy to catch a train from Knapford Station in Thomas Land to the zoo, where it’s only a short walk to the exhibition. Younger fans will love being close to their favourite characters, while older Thomas enthusiasts will be captured by this amazing piece of television history.

Take a trip into the past

Step into a different era with our very own museum. At Drayton Manor Park we like to add our own fun twist… that’s why we have a collection of vintage penny slot machines that all our guests can plat on! If you’re up for a challenge see if you can outdo your friends and family, all while learning about our fascinating collection.

Whether you’re an arcade aficionado, you love interesting machines, or you just want to learn more about old pastimes, you’ll love this indoor museum. It’s the perfect thing to do on a rainy day at the park.

Enjoy our amazing rides

Did you know that most of our rides are open even when it’s raining? Whether you have a little one who loves Thomas and Friends™ or you want to tackle something bigger, hop on to your favourite ride and you’ll soon forget all about the clouds.

Many of our attractions are sheltered, too, such as the Big Wheel and the Drayton Queen. Even if the sun doesn’t start shining, you’ll be having too much fun on our rides to notice! Or if it’s a quick downpour that’s stopping you, why not pause for a bite to eat in one of our many food outlets?

 Visit us again for free with our Rainy Day Guarantee

Not sure whether to chance the weather or not? Don’t worry! If you visit Drayton Manor Park in April, May or June and there is more than two hours of continuous rain during park opening hours, you can return to the park free of charge in June or September.

With our Rainy Day Guarantee, there’s no reason not to visit. Find out more about this fantastic offer here.