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Lar Gibbon

About the Lar Gibbon

Lar gibbons are apes so, unlike monkeys, they don't have a tail. A gibbon’s coat can be almost any colour from black and dark brown to light sandy colours. The face is surrounded by a ring of white fur, and the hands and feet are white. Their long arms and long hooked fingers are used for movement through the tree tops by a hand-over-hand pattern known as brachiation.

Fruit makes up 50% of their diet, but they also feed on leaves, insects, flowers, stems and buds. In the wild gibbons supplement their diet with meat by catching birds out of the air as they swing through branches. Each group of gibbons lives in a territory, which they defend from neighbours by loud calling or hooting displays, that are normally performed most mornings.

Did you know?

Gibbons can move through the forest at speeds of up to 35mph, swinging through the trees with gaps as wide as 50ft in one single leap.