IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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White Faced Saki Monkey

About the White-Faced Saki

White-faced saki monkeys are given that name because the males have a white ring around their faces, while the females don't. The males have a black body while the females have a grizzled brown colour with slight white streaks on the side of the nose. They can adapt to both wet and dry conditions in a variety of altitudes with relative ease. 

These monkeys spend most of the time in the trees, rarely going down to the ground. White-faced saki monkeys have long fingers and long nails, which make gripping branches and moving around in the trees easier. They prefer to move around in the trees on solid branches in the lower to middle-canopy levels.

Did you know?

They’ve earned their name ‘flying monkeys’ as they can leap up to nearly 10 meters between branches.