Common Desert Iguana 

Dipsosaurus dorsalis

Did you know?

While other lizards burrow to avoid the heat. Desert Iguanas can withstand heat up to 46 degrees!

Home: North-western Mexico, extending into south-western United States.

Diet: Primarily eat vegetation such as buds, leaves and flowers.

Lifestyle: They inhabit desert environments, rocky hillsides and subtropical scrub habitats. They seek shelter in sandy rodent burrows or rock crevasses. They can climb at least 1 metre off the ground into creosote bushes.

Lifespan: 7-14 years.

Young: Breeding season begins in spring and they lay eggs in the late summer. Females lay one clutch per season and usually have 3-8 eggs which are buried in the ground. The hatchlings are independent and have no parental involvement.

Conservation Status: Least concern.

Common Desert Iguana