Madagascar Tree Boa

Sanzinia madagascariensis 

Did you know?

This species of boa constrictor is endemic to Madagascar, with two recognised subspecies varying in location, habitat and appearance. Firstly S.m.madagacariensis; which inhabits the east-coast of Madagascar and grows smaller in size, retaining the green colouration. Secondly S.m.volontany inhabiting dry areas of western Madagascar, and are brown in colour.

Like many of its cousins, it has heat sensing pits to hunt warm blooded animals in the dark.

Home: Madagascar; east of the island.

Diet: Carnivorous; small mammals, frogs, bats and birds.

Lifestyle: Nocturnal, adults are mostly arboreal when resting in the day, but terrestrial at night when actively hunting. This species inhabits humid forest, plantations and often spotted near human settlements, often amongst trees and shrubbery adjacent to streams, rivers and ponds.

Young: Females bear 1-16 live young after a gestation period of around 6 months. Young are born bright red, and often more arboreal than adults. 

Lifespan: Up to 30 years.

Conservation Status: Least Concern, CITES Appendix I due to demand by the illegal pet trade.

Madagascar Tree Boa