Turquoise Dwarf Gecko

Lygodactylus williamsi

Did you know?

You can distinguish adult males from females as they are electric blue, females and juveniles are brown.

Home: Tanzania; found only in the Forest Reserves of Kimboza and Ruvu.

Diet: Insectivorous

Lifestyle: Diurnal, residing in tropical forest-found almost exclusively on Screwpine tree, Pandanus rabaiensis. Males are extremely territorial, however, it is common for one male, one or more females and juveniles to inhabit one tree.

Young: Females typically lay 2 eggs every 4 weeks, pressing them onto plants, hatching after 50-80 days.     

Lifespan: 10 years. 

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered. Threatened by habitat loss and pet trade.  

Breeding Programme: This species is part of EAZA’s European Breeding Programme.