IUCN red list status:
Critically Endangered

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Sulawesi Crested Macaque

About the Sulawesi Crested Macaque

The Sulawesi Crested Macaque are pink-bottomed, punk-haired monkeys that have a long muzzle with high cheeks and long hair tuft at the top side of the head. Small groups of macaques have only a single male, while larger groups have up to four males. The females always outnumber the males by about four to one. Young animals are nursed for one year and become fully mature in three to four years.

Macaques are omnivores, who spend more than half their day on the ground foraging for food and socialising. Up to 70% of their diet consists of fruits, but they also eat leaves, buds, seeds, fungus, birds and bird eggs, insects and the occasional small lizard or frog.

Did you know?

Sulawesi Macaques are endemic to the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. They are ground-dwelling monkeys with pink bottoms and sleek black hair, except for the top of their head where the hair sticks up on end forming a crest. To distinguish between sexes, males are larger in size than the females, and the females are also paler in colour than the adult males.