IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Bruce's Green Pigeon

About the Bruce's Green Pigeon

Bruce's Green Pigeon is a medium-sized pigeon that has a green back, grey head and a yellow belly. Sometimes they're seen alone, though more often in small groups. This bird is found in a variety of savanna and woodland habitats, often in and around fruiting fig trees.

The pigeon is a canopy-feeding frugivorous pigeon that specialises on consuming the fruits of just one species of fig tree, Ficus platphylla. This bird is special because it relies on pigments for its green plumage colouration. Similar to African Green-Pigeon, but easily separated by the yellow belly.

Did you know?

Did you know Bruce's Green Pigeon is also known as the Yellow-bellied Fruit Pigeon, their diet gives them their green and yellow feathers.