IUCN red list status:
Critically Endangered

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Turquoise Dwarf Gecko

About the Turquoise Dwarf Gecko

The species is endemic to a small area of Tanzania. Common names include turquoise dwarf gecko, William's dwarf gecko, and in the pet trade, electric blue gecko. In the wild, the turquoise day gecko lives exclusively on the screwpine, mostly in the leaf crown. It only lives on large trees, those with leaves more than 1m (3.3 ft) long. A single leaf crown will typically contain a single individual, or an adult male, an adult female, and juveniles. It eats small insects, drinks water from leaves and is also very fond of nectar.

Did you know?

The males are territorial, and do not tolerate the presence of other males. Social gestures include lateral flattening, puffing out of the throat, head shaking and head bobbing, and tail-wagging.